Tips for Hiring a Tax Levy Lawyer

Finding an excellent Tax Levy Lawyer

The average cost of a tax attorney may seem intimidating, but the best approach is to find a firm with experience in this type of legal case. There are many benefits to hiring an attorney who is well versed in your specific situation. The following are some tips to help you find a good lawyer. These will help you find a firm that is qualified and has a proven track record in helping taxpayers in your situation.

First, read customer reviews. If possible, read online reviews to determine if the Tax Levy Lawyer is reliable and honest. In general, the higher the rating, the better. For instance, J. David Tax Law has a 9.2 Solvable rating and dozens of customer reviews. The firm is also backed by a good BBB rating. Another benefit is that the firm has been around for five years and has served more than 1,700 clients in 2018.

A tax levy is a serious legal matter and contacting a Tax Levy Lawyer as soon as possible is crucial. The IRS has a wide variety of tools to collect back taxes, and a Tax Levy Lawyer can file formal motions or appeals to the IRS. The attorney will negotiate on your behalf and present your case with the IRS. If this is not possible, your lawyer can help you find alternative ways to repay your back taxes.

Using an Offer in Compromise is the most popular way to release an IRS levy, but it is not the only option available. You can also appeal the levy order itself, if the IRS was able to obtain it prematurely or improperly. You can also file for bankruptcy to get a tax levy released. Although filing for bankruptcy should be the last option, it can be helpful if you can demonstrate financial hardship.

Before hiring a Tax Levy Lawyer, make sure to check their qualifications. These attorneys must have a Juris Doctor degree and a license to practice law in your state. Also, you should check their credentials and experience with your particular type of tax concern. Ask if they have worked with any of the tax agencies in your state. Then, choose a Tax Levy Lawyer who has a proven track record.

When hiring a Tax Levy Lawyer, it is important to choose one with exceptional communication skills. Tax lawyers are often the middlemen between taxpayers and the tax authorities. A good attorney has excellent oral and written communication skills, and will be able to explain complex issues to the IRS and make sure that the outcome benefits the client. Additionally, a Tax Levy Lawyer must have good critical thinking skills, as they must be able to recognize the weaknesses of a tax relief case and choose the best course of action based on the specific facts.

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